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80m. from the sea in one of the most beautiful places in Rafina with a unique view!!! GROUP OF 8 (eight) APARTMENTS WITH HIGHT QUALITY OF 3 (three) FLOORS CONSTRUCTION IN 2014 Τhe apartment's begins of 66 sq.m and reaches the 135 sq.m Furthermore features of the building: ''SHELL'' Οutside heating insulation ''FRAMES'' Energy glasses of the build 4 seasons Solar - triple energy that also can be used as a solar panel (solar water heater) Preinstallation for satellite tv , alarm , air condition , garden,balconies, parkin. GROUND FLOOR - 2 MAISONETTES 1st Maisonette 110 sq.m with private garden wich includes groundfloor 66 sq.m and semibasement 44 sq.m with independent entrance 2 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms with the ability for second kitchen value :140.000€ 2nd Maisonette 135 sq.m with private garden wich includes groundfloor 76 sq.m and semibasement 60 sq.m with independent entrance value 155.000 € FIRST FLOOR (1ST) INCLUDES THREE (3) APARTMENTS first apartment with the 66 sq.m costs 140.000 € second apartment with the 76 sq.m costs 155.000 € third apartment with the 100 sq.m costs 200.000 € (PRICES ARGUABLE) SECOND FLOOR (2ND) INCLUDES (3) MAISONETTES OF TWO LEVELS 1st) 90 sq.m (76sq.m and 14sq.m is the chamber) with exclusive use of terrace price 220.000 € 2nd) 80 sq.m (66sq.m and 14sq.m the chamber) exclusive use of terrace 200.000 € 3nd) 110 sq.m (99sq.m and 11sq.m) exclusive use of terrace 270.000 €